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Here to activate the warranty for your apron, storage bag or tote? You're at the right spot.

Our products are designed for durability and built from tough materials. Each piece is handcrafted and should hold up to years of abuse. Our products will wear and evolve with time, so embrace the "patina."

In the rare event of a defect (shame on us!), registering your purchase will streamline how you claim your warranty. And we encourage you to opt in for exclusive discounts and offers on our gear. Just provide your details below.

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We know finding reasonably priced quality gear is a challenge -- and we're happy to have your support!

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Frequently Asked Warranty Questions


Find out more about our warranty and what it covers here

Warranty claims can be submitted by sending an email to We'll cross-reference your email request with our original email / order ID, and ask you to take a couple of pictures of the product so we can improve.

You should receive an update on your claim within 72 hours of sending in the required information, followed by a tracking number when the replacement ships. If more than 72 hours have passed, please contact us for assistance.

We don't want to make this overly complicated -- but by providing your original order ID, we can tie your product back to the manufacture date and production run. We may also ask for photos of the damaged product, or that damaged products be returned to us. We ask these things so that others don't run into the same defect as you.