10 Tattoo Artists to Follow for Inspiration

This just in: tattoos have taken over the art scene on social media. The people who we can thank for these mesmerizing tattoos are talented tattoo artists who are pushing the envelope when it comes to their designs. Thanks to the internet and social media, tattoo artists and customers are able to show off their art to a larger audience, whereas, 5 years ago tattoo inspiration was pretty limited to niche blogs. Instagram plays a huge role in reaching other people from around the globe. For example, the tag #tattoo has 122 million posts while #tattooinspiration has 1.3 million posts. While scrolling through just these two tags, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful and inspiring tattoo art. If you’re itching for some new tattoo inspiration, check out and these 10 talented tattoo artists and give them a follow if you like their work! 

Nature Inspired

nature inspired tattoo inspiration

Hannah Kang Tattoo

@hnnhtattoo & 25K followers

Hannah Kang is a South Korean native that focuses on fine-lines, realism, and floral tattoos. Her style embodies thin lines and soft subtle colors. She works at Nice Tattoo Parlor in New York, but keep a watch out on her Instagram because she does travel working at tattoo pop-up shops. 

Rita Kit

@rit.kit.tattoo & 624.8K followers

Located in Kyiv, Rita Kit literally brings nature into her tattoos. She uses leaves as stencils for many of her tattoos. If you love natural realism like flowers, limbs, and plants, then you need to follow her ASAP. 

Kelli Kikcio

@kellikikcio & 68.3K followers

Kelli Kikcio specializes in delicate hand-poked tattoos. She likes to blend the natural world with scenes from ordinary places. If you like her work and get the chance to travel to New York, try to schedule your next tattoo appointment with her at Welcome Home Studios. 

Black & Gray Realism

black and gray realism tattoo inspiration

Michelle Santana

@mnsantanatattoo & 72.5K followers

Michelle Santana is known for her small yet intricate tattoos. Her inks can end up smaller than the tip of your finger yet still contains loads of details. When you look at her work, she specializes in minimalism, black and gray, and fine-line tattoos. She’s currently based in New York City. 

Inal Bersekov

@inalbersekov & 238.7K followers

You may have heard of Inal Bersekov because he is Drake and OVO crew’s tattoo artist. He focuses on fine-lines, black and gray, scenes, and portraits. He is based in Toronto, but don’t worry if you can’t travel there because he does set up pop-up tattoo shops around the world. 

Delicate & Thoughtful Art 

delicate tattoo inspiration

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy

@bangbangnyc & 2.2M followers

You may recognize Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy’s inks because he has tattooed many celebrities like Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Lenny Kravitz. He specializes in delicate thoughtful art. You can find him at Bang Bang NYC in New York. 

Dr. Woo

@_dr_woo_ & 1.6M followers

Dr. Woo is a known tattoo artist in Los Angeles. He’s known for many celebrity tattoos, intricate designs, and thin lines. While scrolling through his posts, you’ll see a mixture of animals, symbols, arrows, planets, and more. 

Unique & Colorful

colorful tattoo inspiration


@zihee_tattoo & 351.4K followers

If you ever find yourself wondering around the streets of Seoul, South Korea looking for a colorful tattoo, you need to visit Zihee. She specializes in many areas like watercolor designs with bursts of bright colors, helix tattoos, art pop, and a rainbow spectrum of colors. 

Expanded Eye 

@expandedeye & 63.9K followers

Do you enjoy unique steam-punked inspired tattoos? Then, you need to check out Expanded Eye’s art gallery and tattoo shop. The two artists, Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James, focus on math, unconventionality, and big ideas to bring their tattoos to life. Many people like to describe their tattoos as steam-punk and art-mixed-with-abstract-geometry. 


@__tukoi__ & 244.4K followers

If you like unique tattoos, then you need to follow Tukoi right away. She specializes in UV light tattoos. That’s right - tattoos that light up under a black light. She focuses on minimal designs, beautiful line work, constellations, and flowers. She currently books appointments throughout Australia. 

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10 tattoo artists to follow for inspiration