Although we love the look of an unwashed, well-used apron, regular cleanings will help remove dirt that can cause premature wear and deep stains. With some basic care you can fend off the “funk” and keep your apron in action for years to come.  Or not, and proudly rock that filthy, hardworked apron. You earned it.


The best way to maintain your waxed apron is to avoid machine washing, hot water, and conventional soaps/detergents that will accelerate the breakdown of the infused wax.

  • NO machine wash
  • NO hot water
  • NO detergents/solvents/bleach
  • NO dry cleaning
  • NO aggressive scrubbing

Spot cleaning is preferred over deeper cleaning methods for regular maintenance. Don't worry, the apron will resist liquids and bead up, making it easy to clean. There does come a time when a deeper cleaning is when your colleagues are keeping a 10 ft distance or your hubby won’t let you back in the house. 

Spot Clean: Use a damp rag and gentle scrubbing in the soiled area. You can do this over a sink and use warm running water to facilitate. Again, avoid those harsh traditional soaps and detergents. If you have a pesky spot, you can use castile soap to aid. This soap is all-natural, olive oil based, and designed to not break down the wax. Be sure to rinse out the soap with lukewarm water. Hang and air dry in a warm space.

Deep Clean: Fully submerge and soak in a sink, tub, or bucket of lukewarm water. Gently massage out dirty spots. Use the castile soap as needed and according to the instructions. Be sure to rinse out the soap with lukewarm water. Hang and air dry in a warm space.


Treat stains as necessary with a stain fighter or club soda for lighter stains. Note - drying your apron without treating stains can set a stain preventing its removal. Don’t make me say “I told ya so!”.

Clasp the apron’s buckle and tie the apron’s strings together in a bow. The bow prevents the apron strings from twisting among other clothes or aprons causing unnecessary stress and stretching.

Machine wash separately initially to prevent the chance of dye bleeding from your fresh apron. Never mix with light color garments. Cold or warm wash cycles will prolong the life of your apron.

Tumble dry low heat only. Hot heat will cause excessive shrinkage and stress to the fabric. Remove immediately and hang to prevent wrinkles. Steam iron as necessary.


A waxed garment may need a fresh waxing at some point in it's life depending on frequency of use. On top of prolonging the life of your apron, reproofing will also revive the fabric color and bring back a uniform look. Uneven, shiny or dry areas, or where moisture no longer beads, is a good indicator to re-wax those specific areas. It is not necessary to rewax the entire garment unless the wax finish has been jeopardized throughout.

To refinish:

  • Be sure that the garment is clean and dry
  • Use Otter Wax or Martexin Wax, or other fabric wax
  • Lay apron on a flat work surface (protect surface if necessary)
  • Apply the wax sparingly with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth or brush
  • Continue to apply, spreading the wax evenly
  • Work it into the fabric in a circular motion
  • Use a hair dryer to warm the fabric and soften the wax to facilitate a smooth and thorough  application
  • Do not coat the surface too thickly or it will not absorb evenly
  • Seams and worn areas will require more wax
  • Heat from a hair dryer or laying in the sun can facilitate the uniform absorption into the canvas
  • Wipe off excess wax and hang garment to dry overnight in a warm, well-ventilated area
  • The next day, rub out any excess wax not absorbed and use hair dryer to blend
  • Apply more wax to areas that still appear shiny or dry

Note - You may notice a waxy odor after waxing. It will air out over a few days. It can also be removed by placing your apron in a freezer overnight.


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