Sometimes, finding the perfect gift means having all the answers. And that's why we're here. 

Are they makers?

They love to make things with their hands, from scratch if need be. For them, “occupational hazard” may include a scratch or two. But they’re also some of the most careful and meticulous people you know.

Mosey on over to our Workshop Collection. The woodworker, machinist, blacksmith, welder, and butcher in your circle would surely appreciate what you’ll find there!

HDG Waxed Canvas Aprons

Even the most careful of makers could use an extra layer of protection. HDG Waxed Canvas Work Aprons provide just that with water-resistant waxed canvas that can stand up to any debris.

Do they spend their time in the garden?

Their plants give them life (literally, according to them) and they often find themselves kneeling in their gardens. For gardeners who put their pruning shears in their pockets, these aprons come in handy.

Plenty of storage and chest-to-knee coverage, Hudson Durable Goods’ washable 805 line is just what every gardener needs to keep their tools within reach and their clothes as clean as possible. Hey, less time doing laundry is more time in the garden.

Do they refuse to let the mess get in the way of fun?

For kindergarten teachers who usually end up with finger paint on their shirts, or art teachers who just can’t help getting in a colorful mess, a Hudson apron couldn’t be more perfect.

HDG805 Cotton Family


Light and comfortable, an 805 apron never gets in the way of the wearer’s movements. The 805 line also has the most variety of colors to choose from. The wearer is free to move, free to be creative, free to have fun while getting the job done.  

Are they often covered in fur?

They love our pets as much as we do. Veterinarians and pet groomers help keep our pets healthy and happy. They need work gear that protect them from any accidental scratches while staying light on their shoulders.

HDG805BD - From the HDG805 Family

Pet care is rewarding work, but it’s not without its risks. Our 805 denim line is tough enough to withstand the impatient swipe of a claw or the accidental snag of a tooth. The denim line stays light, so the wearer stays as nimble as their animal clients.

Do they live in the kitchen?

It’s an unspoken rule that the kitchen is theirs. You don’t mind, because this arrangement keeps you fed and happy. Get the cooks, chefs, bakers, and barbecue masters who complete your home these amazing aprons from our Kitchen Collection.

HDG806A - From the Kitchen Collection

Hudson Durable Goods’ 805 line is as versatile as they come, but they belong in the kitchen best of all. This apron line can take the heat…and the spills, the cuts, and the stains. Basically, anything work can throw at them (except maybe the kitchen sink).

Are they pros?

They do what they love for a living. It started out as a passion and became a vocation. For some of them, their occupations are the important bridges that connect them to their dreams. They need aprons that would meet industry standards.

HDG901W - From the Workshop Collection

Any apron in our collection will prove its worth to a professional by answering their every need for protection, storage, and durability. And, as every pro knows, professionalism shows. The sleek, handsome designs of our aprons are testaments to that. 

Are they artists?

We know what you’re thinking – just about all the people we’ve covered qualify as artists to a certain degree. You need vision, passion, and skill to be great at any of the things we’ve just listed. And, if they don’t consider themselves great just yet, let them know you disagree, Hudson style!

HDG805 Cotton Family

All the artist has to do is put the right Hudson Durable Goods apron on and get to work. By the end of the work day, they’ll have this to say: an HDG apron is a work of art.