How do you clean up dirt?

Photo by Magda Ehlers

Keep your garden clear of leaves

When the leaves start to change color and fall into your yard, remember to clean them out of your garden. They can be a hiding place for pests and other insects that may be preying on your plants. Protect your garden with a proper fall cleanup.

Got weeds?

It’s okay to fall a little behind in your garden grooming this fall. Your garden doesn’t need to be completely clear of weeds, just clean enough for helpful pollinators to feel welcome. Ready to clean up those beds? Put on your apron and gloves and try out our tips below.

Composting is a thing

You’ve been raking all day, but there’s still a lot of dead leaves in your yard? You can also use them to start a compost pile (if you haven’t already). If you need a little help getting your compost pile going, here’s How to Compost: A Guide to Composting at Home from Almanac.

Raking, composting, and mulching is messy (yet rewarding) work. Keep your clothes as clean as you can with HDG805


Bulbs and shrubs are your friends' friends

Bees do a lot for gardens and for wildlife in general. Treat them by plant bulbs, like daffodils and grape hyacinths. They’ll be stopping by more frequently because of your ready snacks.

Butterflies adore certain shrubs. Consider planting butterfly bushes, chrysanthemums, and more. Butterflies will come and liven up your garden and pollination action is taken care of.

Check your plants for diseases

It’s a sad reality, but sometimes, no matter how much care we show our plants, they still get sick or die. When this happens, remember to remove them or risk pests and fungi overstaying their welcome and infecting your healthy plants.

Planting shrubs can be prickly business. Wear gloves and a durable apron to protect yourself.

There are more tips for you in this helpful article from Almanac, Fall Garden Cleanup with Pollinators in Mind. Keep your garden clean and healthy!

Keep deadheading

Do you have any tips or personal routines for keeping your gardens clean as the seasons turn? We’d be happy to hear all about them. Join us in Gardening for Small Spaces: A Gardening Community.

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