It’s a good day to get to know you better

apron with suggestion card in pocket

Let’s chat over drinks

Summer’s a great time to relax and work at an easy pace. While you’re grilling a fantastic BBQ or popping the cap off a cold one, you can take your time with these questions. It’ll be just like we’re chatting over drinks.

So a maker walks into a bar, and HDG asks…

You’ve probably encountered some of these questions from other brands before, but with us, you get to give a laundry list of complaints (or compliments. We’re flexible), if you want. You won’t have to limit yourself to clicking a circle saying, “Yes,” “No,” or “Rather not say.” Ready? Here we go:

  • What are we currently doing that you wish we would stop? (“Stop asking these sorts of questions,” is also an acceptable answer.)


  • What would you miss about us if we ever decide to close up shop? (Spoiler alert: we’re not closing up shop anytime soon. We’d just like to know what we’re doing that you value.)


  • Have there been any changes for you and your work since you first began using Hudson Durable Goods products? (Decided to take your hobby to the next level and go pro, maybe?)


  • How can Hudson Durable Goods help you keep up with those changes? (We welcome any suggestions you’ve got brewing.)

Thanks for letting us grill you

We’re going to stop here before we give in to the odd impulse of getting cheesy and telling you that if Hudson Durable Goods is an apron, you folks are the straps that hold us up.

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