It’s still summer!

From our friends @jerkoffbbq

August is still here

We’re all returning to our usual routines now that school is back and work is picking up the pace once more. But it’s still August, the weather is still warm, and that’s enough reason to continue relaxing like summer is still in full swing.

Stay cool with back to school (and work)

Just because sleeping in all week is no longer an option doesn’t mean fun is out the window. Here are some ways to enjoy summer even as the daily grind resumes:

  • Ease into the routine. If you have kids, then you’re familiar with back-to-school struggles. Restarting routines are best done gradually to lessen pressure to be ready for work or school immediately. It’s time to cook healthy meals again. Earlier dinners and earlier shutdown of screens will lead to earlier bedtimes.

  • Football season. Tailgate party, anyone? Feel free to enjoy the game from the comforts of home too. You can always add flavor to the atmosphere by cooking your own version of your favorite sports food.

  • There’s always the weekend. Hit the beach while the days are still warm. Host a poolside BBQ or just a BBQ. You can also go on a picnic at any nearby park. The weekends are like shortened summers, anyway. Take advantage of the remaining summer weather on your days off.


From our kitchen collection

Make every summer day count!

With a few adjustments, you can still enjoy summer activities even with the arrival of fall. Cooking and grilling can be taken indoors when the weather turns cool. Check out our aprons. They can get the job done all year round.