Meet the Maker: Juan Lozano of Castor Woodworks

We’re excited to start bringing you interviews with makers from different industries. Here you’ll learn what they do and why they love doing it. So, grab your tools because it’s time to get into woodworking. 

Woodworking is the ability to turn a piece of wood into a functioning item. Working with wood takes loads of creativity, talent, and skill, and Juan Lozano from Castor Woodworks has exactly that. 

Juan Lozano started Castor Woodworks about two years ago. Before Castor Woodworks, he was an accountant in the oil and gas industry. In 2013, he earned his Bachelor's degree in accounting from Sam Houston State University. Then, in 2016, he received a Master of Business Administration in Accounting from Sam Houston State University. Juan currently resides in Spring, Texas with his wife and cute dog. 

Juan describes Castor Woodworks as “high-quality, custom-built wood furniture and bespoke cabinetry.” The inspiration for his pieces stems from an appreciation for rustic/modern farmhouse designs. From tables to stools and everything else in between, Juan Lozano can craft it for you. 

However, Juan didn’t discover woodworking until later in his career. 

Juan’s interest in woodworking began when he was disappointed in the outcome of a piece by a professional carpenter. This disappointment sparked the realization that he could probably complete the project better himself. After this realization, he dove headfirst into the world of woodworking and hasn’t looked back since. 

After gaining experience from making a few pieces, Juan’s clients began to line up. With more and more clients inquiring about custom pieces, Castor Woodworks came to life. Throughout the development of Castor Woodworks, Juan learned about the different aspects of operating a business including how to price projects and explain the pricing structure to clients.

At Castor Woodworks, Juan has a great way of executing each project. He starts by taking the customer’s ideas and sketching them out with SketchUp, an online design software. After the sketch is complete, he sends it to his client with detailed dimensions to help them envision the sizing of the piece. Once the customer approves the sketch, Juan gets to work. Depending on the size of a piece, projects can take him anywhere from two weeks to two months to complete. 

Woodworking is Juan’s true calling because he enjoys making “tangible items that people can hold onto for years.” Whenever he sees a client satisfied with his work, he feels his work is appreciated and valued. 

Juan loves woodworking and letting his customer’s vision come to life. However, Juan’s clients aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy his woodworking. Juan has had some interesting projects over the years. One of his more unique projects was a Murphy Grilling Station (above) to hold all his grilling utensils. 

Sometimes unique projects can be challenging, including Juan’s current project. 

Juan is in the process of making a full-sized farmhouse table out of white oak lumber for the first time. The most difficult part about the table is making sure all the cuts are square to avoid uneven joints. For this project, he’s had to get back to woodworking basics and check all his tools for squareness. Be sure to keep a lookout for the completed project on his Instagram

Juan doesn’t see an end to woodworking anytime soon. Thanks to DIY television shows, more people are becoming interested in making their own furniture. 

For anyone interested in woodworking, the best advice Juan has to offer is to start by building shop furniture or home items. For those interested in starting a woodworking business, Juan advises to “make your brand you - people need to trust in you and know that you will deliver a high-quality product.” 

Get ready to see more awesome pieces from Castor Woodworks. Juan has some exciting upcoming projects lined up! We can’t wait to see more! Interested in learning more about Juan’s approach?  Check out his YouTube channel.

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