Meet the Makers: Shane Arnwine of Arnwine Woodwerks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Wooden artwork, whether it’s for decor or something more functional, speaks volumes about the imagination of everyone involved in its making. 

That’s the motto that Shane Arnwine and his family, the owners of Arnwine Woodwerks, live by and work with. 

Raised in a small town called Sundown near Lubbock, Texas, Shane Arnwine learned to appreciate woodworking from an early age. 

“I grew up helping my folks remodel our house, and so I gained a lot of experience and love of woodworking through them,” Shane relates.

Shane graduated from Texas Tech in 1993 and joined the US Marines while he was still in school. His unit was activated for Desert Storm. The Marines are very much a part of Arnwine Woodwerks today, as shown in works such as this beauty:

Stay sharp!


Arnwine Woodwerks believes that each work is crafted as much from imagination as from wood. They encourage their clientele to bring their ideas to the table, ensuring that each product is as individual as the client.

Clients will have little trouble reaching Arnwine Woodwerks, even in these days. Probably a remnant of his military training, Shane was able to adjust to the pandemic. “Our business has always been more virtual than a brick-and-mortar storefront, so it has been easy to adjust to this atmosphere.”

He’s done more than adjust by running his business online, he’s also set up a social media presence to make it that much easier to connect and for people to find him. “We can be found on Facebook and Instagram, just search for Arnwine Woodwerks. We have plans in the near future for a website (with a store). And hopefully soon you will see us at various trade shows around our area.”

"We're open to building just about anything your imagination desires."


Sometimes, the craft goes deeper than answering a daily need or indulging in whimsy. But those are also the kinds of pieces that give a sense of fulfillment, for both the Arnwine and their clients.

“To date our most fulfilling project was making a cross out of cowboy boots. A piece of art to memorialize the life of a very special man for his wife and daughters. It combined our love of woodworking with our love of leather work,” Shane says. “The projects that have great meaning to their owners is what I love doing the most. To be trusted with making something to remember a loved one or a special event is extremely meaningful. One of our next projects like this is building an urn to properly honor a good friend's mother.”

"A piece of art to memorialize a very special man for his wife and daughters."


Art begets art, and play makes the work go by smoother. Like many children of the seventies and eighties, Shane keeps his music playing while working. He’s proud of the tunes that get him in the groove and keep the ideas flowing. 

“You will find everything from The Doobie Brothers, 38 Special, to Huey Lewis and the News playing in the background.”