Summer’s last hurrah

Sticking to what works

Our lives go in cycles. One season, we’re relaxing on vacation, and the next, we’re chasing deadlines and going to meetings again. To ease the transition, we turn to our routines. But where’s the fun in sticking to monotonous schedules? This is why most of us don’t like to think that summer is over. Nobody wants to wake up early to beat rush hour.

But effective routines can help our days run smoothly. It can give us the same laidback summer vibes while going through the work week.

Routines are like recipes

How can we change our minds about dull, old routines? It might help if we look at routines like we would tried-and-tested recipes with our weeks as the desired meals.

📝 Even experienced cooks appreciate recipes. Recipes assure that meals turn out as we want them to. A school or work routine helps us achieve the same kind of efficiency we had before vacation. We wake up early again and know which activities to do less of. No fuss, less rush.

📝 A good recipe lists down all the proper tools and ingredients, the right measurements, and the amount of time we need for preparation and actual cooking. In the same way, a routine breaks down these basics so we can do daily tasks correctly each time. No time wasted on avoidable mistakes that we attribute to post-summer grogginess.

We’ve got the proper tool for any cooking job you have in mind.

📝 Good recipes have serving instructions. Similarly, a routine keeps us on top of our to-dos. “Serve immediately,” can translate to, “Do it right after work. Don’t wait until tomorrow.” More often than not, this technique leaves us with a lot of free time.

📝 There should be room for creativity in a recipe. Good recipes allow for substitutes in ingredients and new techniques. A routine should also include a bit of spontaneity. There’s no need to always take the same road to work; if time allows, we can take the scenic route. We get to work on time and still feel like we went on a road trip along the way.

📝 Lastly, a good recipe communicates the cooking process well. They help experienced cooks pass down their skills and techniques to others. Routines should be simple enough that anyone who depends on us, like kids or a trainee at work, can rely on them too. They can always come up with their own recipes for a good day later on.

Still by the grill

Just like routines can make the day go well, the right gear can help you better your craft.

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