Welcome Home with Hudson


We’re here to provide you with quality staples to make your home cozy and practical – from our newly launched smock aprons for the baker trying a new sourdough recipe, the crafter creating a new piece for the living room, and the DIY-er making a new dining room table centerpiece to our new firewood carriers that make bringing in and storing firewood easy and convenient.

Build your ideal sanctuary with our newest arrivals to achieve rest and productivity even on chilly days when it's harder to get up. 

Firewood Tote

Perfect for any maker that requires a little extra storage and a durable, stylish way to get it. From budding chefs to enthusiastic DIY-ers, to anyone working on passion projects and not afraid to get their hands a bit dirty, our multipurpose and spacious firewood tote can store everything you'll need so you don’t have to worry about multiple trips from the car to carry grocery bags — gotta stay as warm as possible!

Smock Apron 

The cold, cozy days doesn’t just mean getting to sleep in. It also means having the time to work and play around the house all day! 

Want to try a new recipe out? Gearing up to do some deep cleaning? How about getting down and creative in the kitchen? Achieve all that in comfort and style with our smock aprons! Designed to get you in and out of “work mode” easily with its light cotton fabric and practical cross-back design. 


Heavy-Duty Apron

Our passion projects can range from small DIY creations in your home office or bedroom to ambitious masterpieces that may need a lot of elbow grease in your garage or basement.

No matter what kind of project gets you busy around this season, we've got something for you. Our heavy-duty aprons are an excellent choice if you want maximum protection from harsh weather conditions such as winter storms or extreme heat during the summer months.

Log Carrier 

When it's chilly outside, we want to make sure you easily get the firewood you need to stay comfortable—and that means making sure you're stocked up on firewood before the long, dark nights hit. Our log carriers can hold even the most oversized logs to get the fireplace, wood stove, or firepit running in one go.