Heavy Duty 16 oz Waxed Canvas Woodworking Apron (Grey) - HDG901WG

Heavy Duty 16 oz Waxed Canvas Woodworking Apron (Grey) - HDG901WG

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The heavy-duty waxed canvas apron is now specialized for woodworkers and other craftsmen of all skill levels. Tough and durable, HDG901WG is crafted from 16 oz quality wax-infused fabric. It’s equipped with sturdy pockets and hammer loops and kept together with double stitching to ensure strength through years of repeated use. It comes in grey, a great color for the modern craftsman as it looks simple and classic yet ruggedly handsome.
This apron protects you from the hazards and debris of your occupation with its high-quality material. It also lets you keep your tools and gadgets handy, so they’re always within your reach. And with this apron’s streamlined design, you’ll move as freely as you do in your jeans. The Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Apron (Woodworking Edition) answers the craftsman’s need for extra protection and handy storage. It’s the modern craftsman’s ideal workwear.

Liquid Resistant: This woodworking apron is made from 16 oz liquid-resistant waxed canvas. Are liquids essential to your work? Or are you fond of drinking coffee while working? This apron’s material will protect you from spills and stains. The waxed canvas is also of high quality; you won’t have to worry about any greasy or hazardous material leaching from it.

Ease of Wear: Wearing your work garments for hours on end can be uncomfortable, especially if you hold your tools in them. The waxed canvas woodworking apron has cross-back straps with removable padding that distributes the weight across your shoulders so you can work for hours without strain.

Strong Pockets & Dual Hammer Loops: This apron features a chest pocket for pens and a cellphone and a front pocket (6.5 inches tall × 8 inches wide) for your handheld tools. You can keep your tools within easy reach and lessen your chances of misplacing them. Double stitching and solid metal grommets and rivets also keep the pockets thick and strong enough to keep those same tools from punching holes through them. You can hang anything as light as a towel or as heavy as a hammer with its dual hammer loops on both sides.

Adjustable Size and Fit: At 34 inches long and 27 inches wide, this waxed canvas apron provides full, chest-to-knee coverage. Just as craftsmen come in all shapes and sizes, the Hudson Waxed Canvas Apron Woodworking Edition is made to accommodate anyone between 5’2 to 6’4, with a waistline of up to 50 inches. Do you like custom aprons but find them a bit pricey? A Hudson apron is just as good and it won’t break the bank! 


Users Include: woodworkers, carpenters, barbers, blacksmiths and forgers, tattooers, gardeners, and machinists. This is suitable for commercial and professional use.

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