Putting the 'pro' in apron

Ryan Feldthouse at work
Ryan Feldthouse @feldthousefamilywoodworks

Confidence, excellence, and respect

Here at Hudson Durable Goods, we believe in professionalism and in professionals. In our view, a professional is someone who commits to excellence in whatever they do, in a way that fosters respect and confidence from others and themselves.

Here from the get-go

Most of our loyal customers and subscribers started out as hobbyists or those who worked on passion projects. They’ve since upped their skills and moved on to tougher challenges, even started their own businesses. It makes us proud that then and now, they choose us.

The woodworker’s attention to detail keeps us safe in our homes and comfortable in our furniture. With Hudson Durable Goods’ dedication to quality fabric and craftsmanship, we’re proud to keep them safe and comfortable as well.

It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: cooks rule. They just do. And the better they are at it, the better off people around them will be. Cleanliness is important to them, as well as staying cool when the going gets hot. As always, Hudson Durable Goods aprons will keep their clothes clean from spills and stains. Stays light on their shoulders, too. A little heat in the kitchen never bothered a cook with an HDG apron on.

Ah, the artist. The makers of things of beauty. Painters, tattoo artists, and barbers prove that art is everywhere, not just in museums. Hudson Durable Goods has always been inspired by their visions. Our aprons are washable, so all makers, artists in particular, feel free to make a mess in the pursuit of excellence. And, hey, our aprons come in different colors, too. Just sayin’.

If you’re looking for the right apron for you or someone you know, feel free to check out our apron gift guide.

It’s how you do it

So many makers embody the values of professionalism. We appreciate all your consistent hard work, especially because hard work must’ve felt a little harder these last few years.

Some professionals wear suits and others wear aprons.